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Bairy Diakite

Director of Operations

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Phone extension: 22

Bairy Diakite (He/Him) serves as the Director of Operations at the Congressional Hunger Center. In this capacity, Bairy works to maximize organizational efficiency and impact across all operational areas to advance the Hunger Center’s mission to develop, inspire, and connect leaders in the movement to end hunger and advocate for public policies to create a food-secure world. For the past decade, Bairy has worked with human rights organizations and nonprofits dedicated to making the world safer for marginalized members of our global community to help them function efficiently and fight for creating a more equitable and just world. He has managed offices in the U.S. and globally, coordinating administrative processes, handling organizational financials and budgeting, overseeing internal and external events, and managing partnerships with corporations, vendors, and sponsors. He has supervised office relocations and construction projects, directed cybersecurity and IT, developed and implemented remote-work policies for multiple organizations, and worked to align organizations’ missions with their internal procedures and policies. Immediately before joining the Hunger Center, Bairy worked at the National Low Income Housing Coalition where he served as Director of Operations. Bairy is a graduate of Dickinson College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in sociology. In his spare time, he loves to read, run, travel, and explore new hiking trails around the D.C. area with his dog, Suki.