Mark Stovell

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger (Burlington, VT) Mark interviewed local sponsors of the summer food program about their best practices to help increase participation in ruralVermont. He also conducted a price assessment of the … Read more

Christine Tran

A native Californian, Christine graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Asian American Studies in 2004 and a Master of Education in 2006.  She completed her Master’s Inquiry on students’ stigmatization of the school meal program and taught high school English, journalism, … Read more

Stephany Whitaker

Originally from Richmond, Kentucky, Stephany is a 2008 graduate of Berea College where she obtained a degree in biology.  She led the annual Hunger Hurts Food Drive for the local food bank and helped launch Hunger and Homelessness week. Stephany also served as a Bonner Scholar and was the student … Read more

Ayanna Williams

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Hunger Task Force (Milwaukee, WI) Ayanna worked to make SNAP/food stamp benefits more accessible to low-income residents of Milwaukee County.  She conducted research and identified best practices for improving the speed and quality of the … Read more

Renita Woolford

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Lifelong AIDS Alliance (Seattle, WA) Renita researched federally funded nutritional counseling and home-delivered meal programs for individuals in the Seattle area living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses with a focus on the impact of … Read more

Collin Siu

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Solid Ground (Seattle, WA) Collin examined the effects of federally funded supportive services on the health of seniors and people with disabilities in Seattle’s public housing. He designed a research project utilizing a seven language … Read more

Cristina Sepe

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Maryland Hunger Solutions (Baltimore, MD) Cristina collaborated with the Baltimore City Public School System to increase access to and student participation in the universal school breakfast program. She assisted with the implementation of innovative school … Read more

Michael Richardson

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Hope House (New Orleans, LA) Michael collected stories documenting the effects of high utility costs on low-income New Orleans residents and conducted workshops on energy conservation and political organizing around energy issues.  Michael also developed strategic partnerships … Read more

Nico Quintana

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: The Food Project (Boston, MA) Nico evaluated the impact of a pilot program that introduced food stamp machines (EBT terminals) at farmers markets in low-income Boston neighborhoods. Nico also supported the efforts of the Boston … Read more

Raquel Oriol

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Tucson Community Food Bank (Tucson, AZ) Raquel developed a new curriculum for the food bank’s economic family literacy program. She led classroom discussions on healthy food choices, food advertising, local food systems, and sleuthing in local … Read more

Morenike Mosuro

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Boston Medical Center, Medical-Legal Partnership Boston (Boston, MA) Working with a team of attorneys, Morenike collaborated with pediatricians and community health centers to address the hunger and nutrition issues affecting low-income families. She assisted patient … Read more

Kelly Meredith

15th Class, 2008-2009 Field Placement: Oregon Child Development Coalition (Portland, OR) Kelly completed a statewide assessment of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for child care providers in Oregon. Through a series of surveys and in-depth interviews with … Read more