Zero Hunger Interns Present Solutions to Hunger

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The 2021 Zero Hunger Interns shared research and recommendations on ending hunger across the U.S. in their final presentations on July 30, 2021. Each of the six presentations focused on a hunger-related issue in different regions of the U.S., and provided practical solutions for reducing food insecurity in that region. The presentations were part of the final session of our 2021 Zero Hunger Summer Seminars, and were attended by over 50 participants.

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“As the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, hunger is a symptom of complex, far-reaching problems,” said Strategic Initiatives and Policy Manager Sam Stevens. “These interns know, and their presentations show, that in order to end hunger we have to focus on its root causes as well as the voices of people impacted by hunger. Their research is based off of interviews with people in the communities they are focused on. The focus on practical solutions should remind us all, while gathering knowledge and research are crucial first steps, if we’re not thinking about solutions, we’re not moving forward.”

2021 Presentations

The dual economic and health crises spurred by the pandemic have dramatically increased the need for emergency food across the U.S. This summer, Zero Hunger Interns were placed with organizations across the country, supporting efforts to meet the needs of their local communities. Interns have supported 14 different organizations across ten states and Washington, D.C.

The Zero Hunger Internship and the Zero Hunger Summer Seminars were launched in 2018 with support from the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation to build the knowledge and leadership skills of the next generation of young people who will end hunger by 2030. We gratefully acknowledge Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation and Land O’ Lakes, Inc. for their generous support of the 2021 Summer Seminars.

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