Finding the Cure for Hunger During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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COVID-19 has dramatically increased food insecurity for households across America—but some of the most effective solutions for ending hunger are as easy as contacting your elected officials. That's the message for our new public service announcement, "Finding the Cure for Hunger," released today on Youtube. Watch below:

Viewers are encouraged to learn more about hunger and take action as advocates for federal nutrition and safety net programs as the most effective ways of ending hunger in the U.S. The video is part of Zero Hunger Academy, our collection of free, online resources for advocacy and education. Viewers who want to learn more about how they can be part of the movement to end hunger in the U.S. can sign up for online courses and seminars, and find contact information for their elected officials.

"Finding the Cure for Hunger" was produced by ONEPASS Productions with the support of the Albertsons Companies Foundation as part of grant to produce multimedia content that informs and promotes anti-hunger advocacy.

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