CHC Executive Director Announces 2015 Retirement

CHC’s long-term Executive Director, Edward Cooney, has announced his plans to retire in September 2015. He shared the following news with the CHC Board of Directors and staff at the December 16, 2014 board meeting:

“As I approach my 7th decade, I am preparing for my retirement. I am therefore submitting my resignation as CHC’s Executive Director effective September 8, 2015.

I have enjoyed working with CHC’s present and past staff (most notably Margaret Zeigler), CHC’s board members, Emerson/Leland Fellows, donors, and supporters. I would like to thank Rep. McGovern, Jo Ann Emerson, Frank Wolf and Ambassador Tony Hall for their guidance and wisdom over the years.

My future plans include spending time reflecting and commenting upon the major nutrition policy discourses and on decisions concerning national nutrition standards during the late 20th and early 21st century. This should help keep me active through the next decade or two.”

Ed has been a “fearless leader” to CHC’s staff, Hunger Fellows, and alumni since 2001. Having led CHC for more than half of its 22-year life, he has successfully guided the organization through significant change. However, it is his generosity as a mentor to Hunger Fellows, alumni, and staff, his experience on the frontlines of every major child nutrition and Food Stamp (SNAP) bill since 1977, and his sense of humor that will leave a most unique mark on his tenure at CHC.

A board committee has begun to search for CHC’s next Executive Director.

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