Hunger Fellowship Alumni Win Leadership Awards

At CHC’s April 2011 Awards Ceremony we recognized Rich Stolz and Tammy Palmer, two former hunger fellows, by presenting each of them with the CHC Alumni Leadership Award.  The awards are given to one alumna/alumnus from the National Hunger Fellows program and one alumna/alumnus from the International Hunger Fellows program for their continued work in improving food security, reducing poverty and promoting social and economic justice.

This year we selected Rich Stolz, third class National Hunger Fellow and Tammy Palmer, first class International Hunger Fellow because they embody the dedication and commitment it takes to end hunger and achieve social and economic justice. Ambassador Tony Hall, CHC Founder, presented Rich Stolz with his award.  Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, CHC Board Member and Raj Shah, Administrator, USAID, presented Tammy Palmer with her award.  Please read the following brief bios to see what Rich and Tammy have achieved throughout their careers thus far.  Congratulations to Tammy and Rich!

Rich Stolz and Tammy Palmer, Recipients of CHC's 2011 Alumni Leadership Award

Richard H. Stolz: After his time as a fellow, Rich Stolz was hired by his hunger fellowship policy placement site, Center for Community Change, and worked there from 1997-2008.  From 2008-2010 Rich worked as Campaign Manager at Reform Immigration FOR America, and then returned to Center for Community Change.

Rich’s commitment to economic and social justice in the United States is evident in his hard work and dedication in both community organizing and policy development. He works endlessly for creation and passage of immigration reform and at the same time continues to work directly with communities to seek local perspectives in attempt to maximize the impact of policies, programs, organizing and advocacy. Rich has created, organized and managed a number of networks, programs, 501 (c)3 and 501 (c)4 organizations, successfully enacted major anti-poverty legislation, organized and expanded the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, and facilitated some of the largest rallies and mobilizations in American history.

Throughout the past fifteen years, Rich has achieved more than many achieve in a lifetime.  However, he is a modest leader who has been described by a colleague as “a humble servant of the downtrodden.”  We are honored Rich could join as at the event to receive the award.  Congratulations, Rich, and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!

Tammy L. Palmer:  Over the past 12 years, Tammy has become an expert in the areas of agribusiness, rural finance, microfinance and food security, emerging as a leader in the arena of international development. Following her hunger fellowship Tammy held the following positions — East Africa Regional Coordinator for the Global Education Partnership; Project Director of the Gender Informed Nutrition and Agriculture (GINA) Project for USAID; and Deputy Director of USAID/Peru’s Alternative Development Office where she managed it’s flagship activity, the $84 million, Integrated Development Program.”  The project in Peru promotes alternative livelihoods for farmers in Peru’s former coca-growing regions. By supporting alternative crops, the program helps transform the economies and lives of farmers in Peru’s jungle region.

Throughout her career, Tammy has played instrumental roles in studies that have impacted government strategies for combating famine throughout the world. In addition, she has implemented and managed programs that not only improve the daily lives of people, but Tammy’s work also aims to achieve sustainable food security. She has managed projects in over seven countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Peru.  This past April, Tammy joined USAID/Liberia where she manages its civil service reform program. She is working with Liberia’s key economic ministries, such as the Ministry of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Mines.

The CHC Alumni Award is not Tammy’s first award. She has received the USAID Agency-wide Meritorious Award in recognition of her senior leadership capabilities and devotion to public service in the U.S. Government. We are honored Tammy could join as at the event to receive the award.  Congratulations, Tammy, and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!


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