Carnegie Mellon University expands Strategic Partnership Scholarship for Fellowship Alumni


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Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA.
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The Congressional Hunger Center and Carnegie Mellon have upgraded their partnership to offer alumni of the Emerson National and Leland International Hunger Fellowships an opportunity to continue their leadership development after their service has ended.

Carnegie Mellon University’s H. John Heinz III College, which specializes in Information Systems, Public Policy, and Management, is offering alumni of CHC’s Emerson and Leland fellowships a scholarship that amounts to 50% of their tuition costs per semester.

The Heinz College at CMU is committed to “promoting innovative decision-making and diverse perspectives in leadership across the public, non-profit and private sectors,” and established the Strategic Partnership Scholarship as a way to grow the community of emerging global leaders. This is complementary to the mission at CHC where our organization strives to build a community of innovative, inspiring, and change bridging leaders to create a food secure world.

“Heinz College is proud to partner with the CHC and their Hunger Fellows program,” writes David Eber, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for Heinz College. “Our scholarship for CHC Fellows recognizes their experience and accomplishments and what they bring to our classroom. The CHC Fellowship attracts a talented and diverse group to their program who are committed to serving the greater good, which perfectly aligns with the mission and vision of Heinz College.”

The previous scholarship offered alumni $6,000 per semester towards their tuition costs. The increase of the Strategic Partnership Scholarship to 50% of tuition costs will make it easier for alumni to continue their development as leaders in the field of anti-hunger work.

15th Class Fellow Collin and 11th Class Fellow Alexis share the experience they had through the partnership:

Collin Siu (15th Class Emerson National Hunger Fellow)

“My experience at Carnegie Mellon was nothing short of amazing—both the financial support to study in one of the best public policy programs in the world, and the guidance I received in helping me determine the direction of my career opened many doors and possibilities. That Carnegie Mellon is making this investment in alumni of CHC’s programs speaks volumes to the school’s commitment to social justice and the CHC’s tradition of well preparing fellows to become our next generation of leaders.”

Alexis Bylander (11th Class Emerson National Hunger Fellow)

“The fellowship with the Congressional Hunger Center allowed me to be a competitive applicant when it came time to look at graduate schools. Carnegie Mellon offered me the most competitive financial aid package of the masters programs I applied to and the CHC scholarship was a key component of that assistance along with the fact that CMU provides an accelerated program for people with work experience.

“I benefited immensely from being connected to the dynamic groups of people that were involved in the fellowship program and that were a part of the MSPPM cohort at CMU. The diversity of experience, support network and mentorship through both programs were outstanding. I am excited that moving forward, CMU will be able to provide more support to CHC alumni. It pairs together meaningful and impactful work experience with a first-class graduate education.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have completed a fellowship with CHC and hold a bachelor’s degree. They must also be enrolled in either a part-time or full-time master’s degree program within the Heinz College at CMU. Emerson and Leland Fellows are eligible for admission to the Heinz College’s Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management, a three semester long program, and the Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Management, a four semester long program.

To learn more, prospective applicants should contact David Eber, Director of Admissions at [email protected] or (412) 268-3347.

Kiana Kelly is a senior Public Health major at the University of Maryland College Park, as well as the Congressional Hunger Center’s Operations Intern for spring 2017.

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