Bipartisan Global Food Security Act Introduced

On July 25, Representatives McCollum, Schock and McGovern introduced the Global Food Security Act. This bipartisan bill is a positive step forward in building the political will needed to end global hunger and malnutrition in this generation. The Act sets forth a comprehensive strategy for assistance to developing countries to increase sustainable and equitable agricultural development, reduce global hunger, improve nutrition – especially in the 1,000 day window of opportunity – and ultimately achieve food and nutrition security.

This bill recognizes the important contribution of small-scale farming to global food and nutrition security and requires the United States to ensure that agricultural assistance to other countries includes, benefits and protects small-scale farmers, especially women farmers, and increases their resilience to shocks and stresses. It also promotes global standards of transparency and calls for strengthening programs around land tenure among small-scale farmers.

By authorizing a U.S. food security strategy that emphasizes long-term coordination and multi-sectoral integration of agriculture, nutrition and resilience-building programs across all U.S. government agencies, the Global Food Security Act seeks to enhance U.S. leadership on food and nutrition security around the world.

Additional co-sponsors of the bill currently include Representatives Clay, Rangel, Moore, Schakowsky, Rush, Garamendi, Honda, Moran, Polis, Kilmer and Cohen.

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