Announcing the End Hunger in 30 Challenge

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At the Congressional Hunger Center, we believe that ending hunger in the U.S. is within our grasp. We have the resources and we know the right tools to use to make hunger a thing of the past—what’s missing are bold leaders who understand the systems that contribute to hunger, and who can lead the changes necessary to eliminate hunger for good.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the End Hunger in 30 Challenge, a 30 day course on hunger in the U.S., its causes, and its solutions. Starting April 1, participants will receive email prompts and 30 minute mini-lessons, diving into our curriculum based on training from the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship and learning how together we can end hunger by 2030. Registration is free and open to individuals as well as school groups, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and other groups.

Learn more and sign up for the End Hunger in 30 Challenge here.

If we truly want to end hunger in the U.S., it will take all of us, from all sectors and all walks of life, joining together to make hunger a political priority. We invite you to take the End Hunger in 30 Challenge and see how you fit into the movement to end hunger.

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