21st Class Emerson Fellows Announced


We are excited to announce the 21st Class of Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows! These hunger-fighters and social justice leaders were selected from more than 385 applications. Thank you to those alumni, supervisors, and anti-hunger friends who served on the selections committee. Below you’ll find a list of the names, colleges, and hometowns of the 21st Class of Emerson National Hunger Fellows. Welcome, members of the 21st class!

Rachel Aronson

University of Vermont/ Sharon, MA

Madeline Becker

Iowa State University/ Cedar Rapids, IA

David Blount

Loyola University Chicago/ Saint Louis, MO

Elizabeth Cooper

University of California, San Diego/ Benicia, CA

Emily Duma

University of Wisconsin-Madison/ Minneapolis, MN

Erika Inwald

Brown University/ Brooklyn, NY

Georgina Jimenez

University of Texas at El Paso/ El Paso, TX

Julia Kortrey

Emory University/ Fayetteville, GA

Nora Leccese

University of Colorado / Boulder, CO

Leila Malow

Macalester College/ Phoenix, AZ

Soad Mana

Northwestern University/ Belvidere, IL

Melanie Meisenheimer

Gettysburg College/ Clovis, CA

Tadelech Mengesha

Northwestern University/ Aurora, CO

Wendy Ortiz

University of California, Berkeley/ Anaheim, CA

Ada Recinos

University Of California, Santa Cruz/ Torrance, CA

Tina Tran

Stanford University/ North Richland Hills, TX

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