20th Class Emerson Fellows Announced


We are excited to announce the 20th Class of Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows! These hunger-fighters and social justice leaders were selected from more than 420 applications. Thank you to those alumni, supervisors, and anti-hunger friends who served on the selections committee. Below you’ll find a list of the names, colleges, and hometowns of the 20th Class of Emerson National Hunger Fellows. Welcome, members of the 20th class!

Maryam Adamu

Northwestern University/ Pine Bluff, AR

Rosana Carranza

University of California, Berkeley/ Long Beach, CA

Shaka Clark

University of Virginia/ Cleveland, OH

Sydney Fang

University of California, Berkeley/ Santa Rosa, CA

Brock Grosso

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor/ Battle Creek, MI

H Kapp-Klote

Grinnell College/ Lawrence, KS

Julianna Lord

Mount Holyoke College/ Yarmouth, ME

Tyler Mac Innis

University of New Hampshire/ West Newbury, MA

Tadeo Melean

Stanford University/ Kansas City, MO

Brenda Mutuma

Stanford University/ Modesto, CA

Albert Ramirez

St. Louis University/ Houston, TX

Jenny Rempel

Stanford University/ Fresno, CA

Laura Renaud

Wayne State University/ Redford, MI

Adrien Schless-Meier

Reed College/ Denver, CO

Brian Shobe

Beloit College/ Rapid City, SD

Yuqi Wang

Washington University in St. Louis/ Bridgeport, IL

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