New SNAP Rule Takes Nutrition Assistance Away From People Who Need It 


The final on SNAP Requirements for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents issued by the White House will take nutrition assistance away from people who need it and make our country more vulnerable to hunger in times of recession. It will not help people find jobs or work more hours. The rule takes SNAP away from nearly 700,000 adults living in areas with insufficient jobs and from adults who have jobs but cannot work enough hours to qualify for assistance.

The rule hamstrings a critical feature of SNAP. SNAP is designed to expand in times of economic downturn. The new rule will limit states’ ability to request waivers from USDA on the time limits for work requirements for SNAP participants in areas with too few jobs. This means that 700,000 people who are currently using SNAP thanks to these time limit waivers will lose their eligibility for the program. It also means that SNAP will be less responsive in future recessions because the economic conditions for states to qualify for these time limit waivers are more extreme than they were during the Great Recession.

We know that SNAP stimulates local economics, supports grocery retailers, and helps people put food on the table. This new rule will harm individuals who need nutrition assistance and harm the communities where they live.

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