18th Class Emerson Fellows Announced


We are excited to announce the 18th Class of Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows! These hunger-fighters and social justice leaders were selected from more than 330 applications. Thank you to those alumni, supervisors, and anti-hunger friends who served on the selections committee. Below you’ll find a list of the names, colleges, and hometowns of the 18th Class of Emerson National Hunger Fellows. Welcome, members of the 18th class!

Sarah Baggé

Wheaton College/Nairobi, Kenya

Tavia Benjamin

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Winston-Salem, NC

Josh Blair

Centre College /Berea, KY

Allison Burket

Kenyon College/Potomac, MD

Kate Callahan

Syracuse University/Willimantic, CT

Jean Chung

Emory University/Apple Valley, MN

Ariana de Leña

University of California at Berkeley/Seattle, WA

Thomas Furstenberg-Carroll

Northeastern University/Philadelphia, PA

Theo Gibbs-Plessl

Stanford University/Tucson, Arizona

Sabrina Hamm

University of California at Berkeley/San Diego, CA

Angelynn Hermes

University of Southern California/Tucson, AZ

Samantha Hodges

Wesleyan College/St. Paul, MN

Harvir Kaur

Johns Hopkins University/Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Montae Langston

University of California at Los Angeles/Fairfield, CA

Hiram Lopez

University of California at Santa Barbara/San Diego, CA

Christina Martinez

Tufts University/Evanston, IL

Jasmine Mickens

Denison University/Newark, NJ

John Pevy

Rhodes College/Knoxville, TN

Aleta Sprague

New York University/Warrenton, VA




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